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 Surgical Mesh

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Surgical Mesh Claims/Lawsuits

Surgical mesh cases are being filed in lawsuit from all over this country.  Over 8,000 mesh lawsuits have now been filed.  Non dissolvable mesh has been determined to be hazardous to the present and future health of those unfortunate individuals who have received mesh implants.  Surgeons are increasingly using mesh products to reinforce weak tissue in patients suffering from hernias, pelvic organ prolapse, or stress incontinence.  Unfortunately, these medical products may cause serious complications and require patients to undergo the expense and pain of further surgeries or medical treatment.  

In 2010, more than 75,000 women had mesh surgery to fix the condition known as pelvic organ prolapse or "POP."  Vaginal mesh is used in POP to keep the female organs from moving or sagging inside the recipients' body.  Some of the most serious complications of mesh include pain, organ damage, recurrent sagging or movement of organs, bleeding and inability to function.  The FDA has now warned doctors and patients not to use mesh to treat the condition of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and that the use of mesh is more harmful than any benefit it gives a patient.  It is harmful because once mesh is implanted, it can never be fully removed.  Attempted removal of mesh can result in multiple removal surgeries to the patient.  This leads to the very common result of having to endure pain and disability for the rest of the person's life.

If you have received a mesh implant, you should act immediately to find out what your rights and remedies are.  There are time limits on mesh claims which are running now and, when over, will prevent you from filing in the future.  Even if you have no physical problems now but have a mesh implant, we want to speak with you today.

Please contact Wes Klinger Law Office, PLLC to discuss the issues with implants and determine your situation.  Remember, time is running…do not delay if you have a mesh implant.  The conversation is free; the advice is priceless.  Call us toll free today at 800-839-4878.

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