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 Premises Liability

Premises Liability Accident Lawyer

Say you slip and fall and hurt yourself while you are shopping at a well known store or mall in your hometown. Just because you hurt yourself on someone else’s property doesn’t make them automatically liable for your injuries. That is not the law in Texas. Under Texas law, you have to prove 4-5 things to put yourself in a position to make a recovery in a premises liability slip and fall, trip and fall claim. Don’t wait to know your rights about a potential slip and fall claim/lawsuit when you can make a toll free call from anywhere in Texas or Louisiana to talk with us. Take pictures of the condition that caused you to fall, if possible. Do not give any type of recorded statement to anyone until you speak with a lawyer.

We handle many premises liability cases and want to talk with you about your slip and fall, trip and fall case. If you are having trouble finding legal representation, it doesn’t have to be that way. Call Wes Klinger Law Office, PLLC today at 800-839-4878, email Mr. Klinger directly at or use our website contact page to tell us about your case.

We want your premises liability case. We’re on your side and want to help you with your premises injury case. Call today, don’t go it alone! We’re waiting for your call. Help us to help you!

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